Usual Suspects Motorcycle Club



The "Usual Suspects" Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club was established on November 23, 2008 in Prince George's County, Maryland. The "Usual Suspects" original Maryland Chapter had previously existed as the Maryland Chapter of another national law enforcement motorcycle club since 2002. During those six years we were a chapter in good standing, attended and hosted numerous national and local functions, benefits, and events, and in 2004 were able to obtain and operate one of the finest clubhouses in that organization. The Maryland chapter evolved into a membership of close knit friends with similar ideals and beliefs.


These ideals developed into a philosophy which differed from the philosophy held by the national club. This difference of philosophies eventually led to a rift between the Maryland chapter and the national club in the last months of 2008. We knew that the "Mother" chapter of that national club was not going to alter any of their rules by which they controlled and governed that organization. The Maryland chapter, believing "we had a better idea", decided to end our membership to that club and created the "Usual Suspects" in November, 2008.


At the heart of the philosophy of the "Usual Suspects" lies the belief that every member is of equal value. The original Maryland Chapter has attempted to establish a set of rules and by-laws to create a system of order in which every member's ideas and opinions are important and shall be heard and considered. Other then those basic rules and by-laws which have been established for the efficient operation and common good of the organization of the "Usual Suspects", there will be no "Mother Chapter" or "Founding Fathers" directing a reign of predominance over the other chapters.


The other core belief of the "Usual Suspects" is friendship. We are brothers-in-arms of that "thin blue line" and we ride as friends, not just members. The goal of the "Usual Suspects" is to become a law enforcement motorcycle club with a membership of friends, no man above the other.